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Poisons Like Grudges

One of the most painful and destructive emotions in the human spectrum is holding a  grudge that will not go away.

It always starts out small- someone did something to offend you. That small knot forms in your stomach but decided to let it slide.

Or maybe you want to talk about it but because of one reason or the other, you can’t.

So you bottle it in, like a pungent poison and refuse to bring it up, in the hopes that you will get over it eventually.

But like a pungent poison, it eats into your soul until you can no longer ignore it. Soon everything that person does irritates you, you run out of things to talk to them about because your anger towards them gets in the way, you don’t want to be around them because their very presence reminds you of everything that they have ever done to you and you just continue to dwell on it.

It sits heavy on your chest day in and day out.

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The African Condition

A bit out of the norm and I apologise in advance if I manage to offend anyone. The news that hit the world recently dug such a hole in my heart that I had to say something. The time to complain is over. The time to blame has gone by. Now is the time to act, to make a change so that future becomes a brighter and more equal one.

So it happened again. The world shocked me. I didn’t think that it was possible anymore for humans to sink any lower but once again, like the universe likes to do once every while, it reminded me that we were nothing but a blemish on the surface of the Earth. We are nothing but parasites- intent on using the earth’s resources but unwilling to face the consequences that these actions entail. 

A bit harsh, I know but that is exactly how I feel on this fateful day.

In all honesty, the news about the slavery in Libya comes to me as no surprise. What shocked me the most was the fact that it was us Africans that were treating each other as such.

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A Tale of Peter and Jane

So, I’ve been quite disillusioned the last few weeks and I feel like that has played a factor in why my creative juices seem to have just dried up on me.

This was mostly due to the fact that I had applied for something that would have opened up a world of opportunities for me. I had been so hopeful, so optimistic, with an overwhelming feeling that things were finally going my way again, that the universe was finally aligning in my favour and things would just go right for once.

And then, like all things seem to want to do in my life, it all went left and that hope was brought crashing down and I couldn’t even be sad anymore. I was just angry. I was angry at the world. Angry at the people who had refused me this opportunity but most of all, I was just angry with myself.

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Real Neat Blogger Award + Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

Hi guys! So I’m back again to proclaim the fact that I am famous. I got nominated for the Real Neat Blogger Award as well as the Sunshine Blogger Award by Keda of My Vantage Point. It’s been a while since both nominations so I’ve decided to do both of them together because I’m amazing at multitasking!

Keda’s blog is one of my absolute favourite blogs and I delight in reading anything she has to say. She has this way of talking about serious and real issues in the lives of women in such a way that brings the point home but is also just so funny. Please check out her work! You will not regret it. I promise you.

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October 24


Yes. It’s that time of the year again. No, not Halloween, the other one. Alright fine I’ll just tell you. Cue drum roll…..It’s my birthday. I know.

How could not know?

It’s okay, I forgive you.

But jokes aside, I wanted to share with you guys 22 things that I have learnt in my 22 years on planet Earth. As in, I knew these when I was 21 yesterday too but that doesn’t count anymore. It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed but I am thankful for every second, minute, hour, day…okay, I think you get the point.

So what have I learnt?

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Her Constant Companion

You told me about your companion today. Your constant companion, your friend since childhood.

The way you described it, it was almost like an imaginary friend, the type that children conjure to help them get through the day, to spice up their lives.

Imaginary friends are just that. They are friends and children find solace in them. But you phrased yours differently. You called him your companion.

Not your friend. Your companion.

You had made allusions to him several times but not in so many words. And it wasn’t that I didn’t listen to you but I just always somehow pushed it away, pushed it aside.

Perhaps it was selfishness on my part. I don’t know.

But this time I couldn’t ignore it or push it aside. How could I when your pain was right there in black and white for me to see? Black and white, so dull, so monochromatic but yet the picture that your words painted were as vivid as life itself.

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Pursuit of Happiness

Misery loves company.

I didn’t know the truth of those word until recently .

It started small. I was feeling unhappy with myself, with where my life was heading and how my friends seemed to be moving on without me.

I was miserable.

Of course, I did what any normal person would do, I started going out more, talking to more people, partying more, eating more. Basically I was doing everything in excess in order to drown out how I was really feeling. The only thing that I did less of was listening to myself, in order to figure out how I was feeling and how to move forward from there and why I was feeling like that in the first place.

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Liebster Award !!!!

Hi guys! It’s official! I’m famous.

We can’t even be friends anymore now. You’re going to have to pay me now to even look in my direction. Yes. I demand to be that prestige.

I want to give my sincerest of thanks to my laptop for being my loyal companion, for always being there when I need to vent and for being my rock. You guys probably think I’m joking but I am not.  I really do love my laptop.

However, the real thanks goes to  talkwithtoni for nominating me and wanting to find out more about my boring old self. Her blog is trully a gem to behold, talking about being an adult but a child at heart. She also explores the complexities of love and relationships- her relationship with her high school sweetheart is the stuff of legends! You need to check her out for sure!

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A Letter from Kaiya

Kaiya finally wrote her letter to me and I have that entered below! She is an amazing writer who gives a different perspective on being 25 and having your life “together”. She shows that things don’t have to be perfect but they can be good. Life doesn’t have to be easy but you can be happy! After her letter is my reaction to her letter to me. Please, check out her work!

Dear AfroIrish,

You asked me for wisdom, and I’m humbled. Your writing regularly moves and inspires me, and I can’t imagine what words of wisdom I could possibly have for someone so naturally wise. But I will try!

To start: Live life to its fullest. Carpe diem. #YOLO

The same idea gets reworded and repeated endlessly. Like most clichés, these expressions are based in truth because the advice is sound: You have one life. Whatever circumstances led to your existence… they had to happen just so. Your presence is the amalgamation of infinite possibilities — the intersection where all details met and flourished into a new person. It’s a lot of pressure to live up to the universe’s arrangement of your being — but I think the meaning of life is to try. Live your life. Be your best self. Don’t fall to fear or comparisons.

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