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Real Neat Blogger Award + Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

Hi guys! So I’m back again to proclaim the fact that I am famous. I got nominated for the Real Neat Blogger Award as well as the Sunshine Blogger Award by Keda of My Vantage Point. It’s been a while since both nominations so I’ve decided to do both of them together because I’m amazing at multitasking!

Keda’s blog is one of my absolute favourite blogs and I delight in reading anything she has to say. She has this way of talking about serious and real issues in the lives of women in such a way that brings the point home but is also just so funny. Please check out her work! You will not regret it. I promise you.

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Liebster Award !!!!

Hi guys! It’s official! I’m famous.

We can’t even be friends anymore now. You’re going to have to pay me now to even look in my direction. Yes. I demand to be that prestige.

I want to give my sincerest of thanks to my laptop for being my loyal companion, for always being there when I need to vent and for being my rock. You guys probably think I’m joking but I am not.  I really do love my laptop.

However, the real thanks goes to  talkwithtoni for nominating me and wanting to find out more about my boring old self. Her blog is trully a gem to behold, talking about being an adult but a child at heart. She also explores the complexities of love and relationships- her relationship with her high school sweetheart is the stuff of legends! You need to check her out for sure!

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Sunshine Blogger Award


So this feels like such a big deal for me as it is my first nomination as a blogger! I am so tempted to pop some champagne right now. The only problems are mostly the facts that I’m a poor student who can’t afford to buy champagne and the other factor being that I am currently in bed while the rest of the world drifts into the land of dreams.

I was nominated today by emilysimmsblog. So the nomination works by proposing a number of questions that I have to answer that will give a bit of and insight into me as an individual, so let’s dive in!

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