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You walked past a homeless man a while back. You called him George in your head. It was a cold, bitter morning and you were in a rush to get to some shelter as the elements attacked every crevice of your exposed face. You still remember thanking God for small favours and the fact that you had bought a pair of gloves yesterday.

The bridge that you were crossing was a bit slippery- that was how cold it was- there was a thin sheet of ice over the wood and you found yourself walking slowly, to prevent yourself from falling face first, something which, was a very likely possibility.

So there you were, in your big winter coat, combat boots and your newly acquired gloves, shuffling your way across the bridge.

A man was walking towards you, from the other side of the bridge and in between you sat another man. A homeless man. George. He was wrapped in a blue shawl, a huge hat covering his head and his money tin held out in his outstretched hands, un-gloved as they were.

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I walked past you every day, on my way to and from work. It’s funny because I never saw you before today. And I must have looked in your direction a thousand times as I walked. But my eyes always saw past you, through you, despite your greatness.

But I saw you today.

You caught my eye at last and it was almost as though you had called to me.

In that moment, my eyes seemed to open and I really saw you.

Oh, how great you must have been. I could see that even now. I could see that, even though what you are now is nothing but a shell of what you used to be.

I saw your beams, your rising pillars, your roof, sky high, and what appeared to have been a balcony, looking down onto a courtyard.

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Just a Prologue (An Anniversary)

1 year, 14 published posts, a whole lot of growth and here we are.

It’s hard to believe that today marks a year since I began my journey as AnonymouslyAfroIrish– and if you are still wondering how I came up with the name, it will all come to light soon. It is so amazing to see how time flies and things change, without us realising.

But it is also important to remember that although time flies, this part of our lives and stories is only the beginning. We are doing nothing but laying the foundations for what promises to be a bright and fulfilling future.

This part of my blog is only a prologue to what is yet to come. I know for a fact that I haven’t been as active on this as I should have been but I am still very proud of the fact that I have managed to be relatively active for most of the part and to have come this far.

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Each year, people worldwide make resolutions. People all over the world resolve to be kinder, to be nicer, and to give more. Meanwhile leaders in corrupt countries might make resolutions to steal more money from the poor of their country. But the fact remains that the making of resolutions has become a somewhat popular trend in the modern world.

I have never understood the concept of making resolutions. I didn’t understand how you were meant to erase the lifestyle you have had for all of twelve months. I laughed when people said “change was good” and that “life was change”. That was my outlook on life, at least until I met Deborah “Debbie” Williams. Continue reading “Resolutions”