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She was beauty. Perfection. I remember coming across her many months ago and being so captivated by her beauty, her eyes, her obvious charisma. It was a random photograph that had popped up on my news feed and immediately, I was obsessed. I remember sending the picture to my best friend, my next friend and anyone else that would spare a minute just to gaze upon her. I just simply couldn’t keep all that loveliness to myself. It seemed selfish somehow. Continue reading “Enough”

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Lessons in Letting Go

Sorry guys! It really has been a long time. Trust me, it hasn’t been due to a lack of trying. The last few weeks have just been so lacking in inspiration or motivation. I didn’t want to do anything other than wake up, go to college, come back home and sleep. But anyway, here I am!

Lessons in Letting Go

This is a problem for so many people but for some, like myself, it’s a more serious conundrum. People that find letting go of old friendships or relationships easy are to be admired. As an individual, I tend to dwell more on the past- I have concerns for the past rather than committing to the future.

In practical terms, letting go refers to the process of release after a period of time ruminating over a certain feeling or relationship. Letting go from past attachments can be hard and old emotions can almost be impossible to release. Loss and separation occurs in the life of every human in some shape or form. Just for clarification, “loss” in this context does not necessarily refer to a death- it could simply be the loss or end to a friendship. And as painful as it may be, it is only natural to take some time in order to process this sense of loss, rediscover your ability to forgive, release old woes, allow yourself to heal and finally, to let go. It’s about knowing when to let go. Continue reading “Lessons in Letting Go”

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Fogive Me- A Novel By Leslie Pearse

I feel good. Some days I’m happy and optimistic and others I don’t even know what my feelings are. But 2017 makes me elated despite my multiple emotional breakdowns since the beginning of the year. I feel like I’m ready now to face the 2017 and the world head on.

2016 was such a weird year. And as our modern days saying goes – I simply wasn’t ready! To be honest, knowing the person that I am,  I’m probably just being a drama queen. But hey, it’s 2017!

I started reading again—a hobby that I had neglected in the latter part of 2016. Therefore, I feel that it is almost necessary to start off this year’s first entry with a review on a book that I have had for a year but only recently read. The funny thing is that my favourite book of all time, Georgia, is actually written by the same author.  I wonder why it took me so long to dedicate the time to actually get round to reading this novel but as I read and turned page after page, I see now that the timing had simply not been right. The book resonated with me in a way that I don’t think it would have before. Continue reading “Fogive Me- A Novel By Leslie Pearse”

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2016- And That’s That!

We’re at the end of the year 2016. That realisation hit me first as I wrapped the last of my Christmas presents. I remember the 1st of January 2016- we were celebrating one of my sister’s birthdays in a Chinese restaurant. I still find it hard to believe that was a year ago. But when I evaluate the person that I am today, it becomes not so hard to believe. A lot has happened. I’ve participated in fashion shows, entered competitions, made life changing decisions, lost friends, gained friends and last but definitely not least, moved out of home.

Most of the above were based on decisions that I had to make and all of them were things that I would not have even attempted in previous years. Some were easy, others not so much. The hardest for me personally was having to stay out of college this year and postpone my degree in Public Health. It wasn’t really a decision to be honest. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I chose the hard place because I couldn’t bear the alternative of being stagnant and unmoving. It really was one the most difficult things I’ve had to go through. Prior to that, it seemed to me that my life was finally in order- I was finally in college, I could do whatever it was I wanted to do. It was never more than anyone else could do already but to me it was magical.

Continue reading “2016- And That’s That!”

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Live Each Day

The excerpt that I’ve based this week’s post on came up in my memories on Facebook a few days. I read it again and I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through my mind when I wrote it. Sometimes, when I don’t get the time to do expand on my random thoughts, that wisp of inspiration will disappear . So I decided to expand on and this is where it led me. Enjoy!

Life is an uncertain thing. One minute a person might be the best person you had ever known and the next they might as well be a stranger to you. One minute, you might appear to be winning in life and the next you find yourself trailing behind your peers. Despite all of these uncertain aspects of life, there is one thing that most would agree is definitely a certainty.

Although I have to admit that the thought is a somewhat grave and rather depressing one, I would like to put it out to the larger public that the only certainty in the life of mortals is Death. It isn’t a prospect that calls for celebrating. Even the mention or thought of that single word sends shivers down my back! Continue reading “Live Each Day”

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21 Years- Reflections

I turned 21 recently. It’s still surreal. It’s still hard to believe that I have lived that long to be honest! In contrast to my previous posts, this one is obviously more personal. I tried but couldn’t separate the me aspect from the blog post because  I wanted to use this moment to discuss what I have learnt about myself in the past year.


My priorities were off for a little while. I thought what was important in my life was fitting into a group and being surrounded by friends. I wanted to go out clubbing, go to parties, throw parties, be the life of the party. In actual fact, I just wanted to be “turnt” all the time. To have fun.

After everything that I had been through, last year was the perfect excuse, I thought that my life was finally in order, everything that I needed to be successful was in place and therefore I could do what I wanted. God, how wrong was I? Continue reading “21 Years- Reflections”

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Goals are somewhat a farce in our society today. It is a word that our generation of humans seem to have an obsession with on a day-to-day basis. We hear and see it everywhere friendship goals, relationship goals, pet goals, hair goals.

Goals are good of course; they allow the individual to prepare adequately for their future and thus work towards it in a coherent manner. They allow you to save, invest and moreover, plan!

This is one fact that many people seem to forget. The word “goal” has now been watered down to a mere facsimile of what it should stand for. The way our modern day society defines goals is somewhat absurd. How can you come across a random couple’s picture on the internet and claim that what they portray on social media is what you aspire to be and to do.

A goal without a plan is nothing but a wish, nothing but a dream. A dream is nothing but the stuff of fantasy and ultimately fuel disappointment. Don’t lose your goals because of distractions. As already discussed in last week’s post, the world is full of distractions, the important thing is filtering the things that are building blocks in building your future and those that are burdens. Fulfill yourself and become the best human you can be. Travel the world, meet new people, make new experiences and become something unique along the way. Continue reading “Goals”

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A Distraction-

  • Something that serves as a diversion or entertainment
  • An interruption; obstacle to concentration

As you may have noticed from the definition provided by the Free Dictionary, there are pros and cons to today’s discussion. However for the sake of the point that I am trying to make, we will focus entirely on the second definition. A distraction can be a good thing. Life can become hectic, so busy that sometimes a break is needed in order to take a step back from everything that might be taking place in your life.  Continue reading “Distractions”

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Sunshine Blogger Award


So this feels like such a big deal for me as it is my first nomination as a blogger! I am so tempted to pop some champagne right now. The only problems are mostly the facts that I’m a poor student who can’t afford to buy champagne and the other factor being that I am currently in bed while the rest of the world drifts into the land of dreams.

I was nominated today by emilysimmsblog. So the nomination works by proposing a number of questions that I have to answer that will give a bit of and insight into me as an individual, so let’s dive in!

Continue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”

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Know Thyself

At age 20 going on 21, I cannot say with confidence that I know who I am. Indeed, I am in no way close! But realising this is already one step closer.

As I established in last week’s posts, no one is perfect and we all have our flaws.

According to the Free Dictionary,

-A flaw is a defect or shortcoming in something intangible. In this case, our intangible object is character.

Flaws make us human. They are a part of the many building blocks that make us up as characters. They define us as individuals and add that special je ne sais quoi to the melting pot that is the human race.

And what a melting pot it is! In today’s fast paced, ever evolving world, knowing thyself is a phrase that comes in really handy. So many factors can affect the way we react to situations, one being peer pressure and others being the environments that we find ourselves. Continue reading “Know Thyself”